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Affiliate Management

Affiliate Marketing is a term that describes the strategy in which a relationship between a Merchant (advertiser) and an Affiliate (web publisher, opt-in emailer, lead generator) is formed. Through this relationship, a merchant pays commissions to Affiliates for referring sales, leads, subscribers or other desired results. As your affiliate manager, we would plan and deploy your own successful affiliate program.

There are countless benefits in outsourcing your Affiliate Program. Among them are increased traffic, sales and revenues. The key benefits are a bit complex, yet carry a lot of weight.

1. Allows you to “Branch Out” efficiently
Affiliate Marketing allows you to “Branch Out” across the Internet without requiring you to increase your inventory, payroll, Internet real estate, or any of the other pitfalls about running a business. Outsourcing Affiliate Management allows you to bring MORE customers into your EXISTING business structure.

2. It is Versatile
It doesn't matter what you're selling on the web. The process is the same for hair brushes as it is for financial products. This is great because it allows you to develop or test new verticals without changing your business model. No matter what business you are in – there are hundreds, if not thousands of online companies that are already reaching your target market. In other words – there are hundreds, if not thousands of potential affiliates out there.

3. It will allow you to Try and Fail with minimal expense
Affiliate Marketing lets you do what no other marketing vehicle allows – try out your promotional material on your target audience and pay for it only if it works. Simply create or get a new banner ad, sales letter or other type of ad and let Affiliates test it. If it doesn’t produce results – you don’t pay. If it does, you’ll be rewarded with more customers and your Affiliates will be rewarded with higher commissions.

Why allow Archer Leads to launch and manage your Affiliate Program

  • Result Oriented Affiliate Recruitment and Management
  • Sophisticated Fraud Detection Solutions
  • Proactive Offer Review and Management

Affiliate Recruitment and Management

Archer Leads will leverage their experience and relationships to strategize and deploy a successful affiliate program. We will handle every detail of the day to day operation, ensuring the success of your offer. We will work to develop highly profitable relationships with with significant partners while overseeing all the marketing and administration of this lucrative sales channel for your company.

Fraud Detection

Archer Leads has a sophisticated fraud detection system to minimize the amount of affiliate related fraud that occurs for your product or service. If you have advertised on some of the major affiliate networks, then you have undoubtedly experienced a high number of unqualified leads in your campaigns. Through our business processes, contacts in the affiliate community, and technology, we are able to eliminate a vast majority of the fraud that occurs in our campaigns.

Offer Review and Management

Many new online marketing campaigns fail is because the offer has not been optimized. At Archer Leads, we believe it is necessary to optimize both the offer and the presentation to publishers. We test various creatives, price points, and market segmentation to determine how to promote the product or service. Additionally, we pre-market the campaign to key publishers and affiliates to make sure that the campaign will get the necessary distribution.

In the end, clients have a specific cost per customer acquisition target, and we help them achieve that. At the same time our programs ensure the publishers fair market value for their media space, which in turn guarantees media placement.

Start receiving leads within 24 hours!

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