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Custom Lead Generation
  • Performance Based Marketing is better than Advertising
  • Consumer-Oriented Lead Generation
  • Offer Optimization and Publisher Distribution
  • Web site/Landing Page Optimization
  • Performance Based Marketing

Archer Leads is your premier provider of performance based marketing solutions. We believe that when it comes to marketing your business, you should only pay for quantifiable results. As one media veteran stated, "Isn't all marketing performance based?" Marketers are not in the habit of spending for no tangible result, and even less so over the last few years. The control that is offered through cost per lead (CPL), cost per acquisition (CPA), and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing has helped firms control their promotional activity while allowing measurable results. These techniques only cost an advertiser each time they are a 'success'.

Other Lead Generation

Archer leads uses performance based marketing techniques to generate leads or sales for a number of products and services. While there is no particular limit to the type of products and services that we can market, Archer Leads has particular success in managing consumer and small business marketing campaigns including those in the following industries:

Consumer Financial Services, Including Loans and Credit Cards
Real Estate Sales
Consumer Financial Services, including loans and credit cards
Insurance, including life, auto, home, and others
Auto and Auto Accessories Sales
Extended Warranty Sales
High volume Consumer Products
Credit and Debt Management Services
Merchant Accounts

Offer Optimization and Publisher Distribution

One of the reasons most new online marketing campaigns fail is because the offer has not been optimized. At Archer Leads, we believe it is necessary to optimize both the offer and the presentation to publishers. We test various creatives, price points, and market segmentation to determine how to promote the product or service. Additionally, we pre-market the campaign to key publishers and affiliates to make sure that the campaign will get the necessary distribution.

In the end, clients have a specific cost per customer acquisition target, and we help them achieve that. At the same time we enable the publishers to make a fair amount of for their media space, which in turn guarantees media placement.

Web site/Landing Page Optimization

While it is not our business model to build web sites for clients, it is critical for offer optimization and advertisement conversion that we manage and build the landing pages for the various offers and publishers that we are managing for the clients. This allows us to quickly make any changes that are necessary to increase conversions. In many cases this involves our company creating a private-labeled mini-site where leads can be developed.

Start receiving leads within 24 hours!

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